Starting school

31 Oct
Yesterday at Stagecoach Ella was given a yellow folder to keep her scripts, song lyrics and other bits in.  This morning Daddy and her decorated it while I ate Choc n roll cereals.  Ella was also given a letter to invite a friend to Stagecoach and she asked Daddy if she could take me, which we both thought was really sweet.  Unfortunately I am too young, which is a real shame as I’d really like to go.  Phoebe
It was a busy day yesterday before Stagecoach Daddy took us for lunch at the Kembrey, and before that we went Ten Pin Bowling.   Last week was my first full week at school although I only did half days.  Daddy took me on Wednesday, we arrived early so I had time to play before starting class.  My favourite thing was playdoh.   Ella 
When Mummy asked Ella about School on Monday she said “It was like nursery but not as much fun”.  Also my big sister was being cheeky on Tuesday morning she said “Do you know what I said about George behind his back?  He’s got a big nose” .  Then she chortled like Catherine Tate ‘Joannie Nan Taylor’ character .  I just said “Silly Ella”.  Phoebe
Last weekend we went to town to get Grandad a birthday present.   Ella wanted to get him the green toy soldiers from Toy Story.   Mum and Dad said they’d think about it.  But on Sunday Ella still wouldn’t stop talking about it. She said that Grandad would really enjoy “setting them out”/  So we went back to town just to get the soldiers.  We had a mini birthday party on Wednesday for Grandad, I think he really liked his present.  Phoebe.
For some time Mummy has been threatening to get an iPad.  Daddy was against it.  He does like Apple and couldn’t see what an iPad could do that a laptop couldn’t.
On Friday evening when Daddy got back from work Phoebe ran to the kitchen and shouted “Daddy we got an iPad”. [since this update was drafted Mummy also has bought an iPod!].  I’ve spent a lot of time on the iPad. I think I’ve used it more than Mummy! Ella
Ella has a bad stomach a few weeks back but she said…  “It will go if I eat ice cream Umm!”  Our next update will include pictures from our half term break and Ella’s Halloween 5th Birthday Party.  Phoebe.

The one with the pink fluffly phone

2 Sep

Today Mum and Dad took a day off work took us to Legoland, Windsor.  We had a superb time.  No accidents this time.  It was warm and sunny, but a little too busy considering it was back-to-school for most children today. There are some pictures of our day in an album  opposite.  Ella’s favourite ride was the Helicopters, closely followed by Boat School. Mum’s was the Helicopter, Dad’s was Boat School.  My favourite was the Carousel – I loved the horse. (For the avoidance of doubt there are more than three rides at Legoland!) Phoebe


We had a busy August Bank Holiday weekend.  On Sunday we saw Edith, Emma and Nick.  Edith is growing up fast.  We loved playing with her.  Auntie Emma is having a baby boy in January; Phoebe suggested he is called Sam.  On Monday we went to which was ‘average’ at best, the mannequins were scary.  Also Phoebe had an accident on the floor!   Then we had lunch at the Brewers Arms with Nanny, Granddad and Auntie Sheila. We had a lovely time and afterwards we played in the garden.  Ella


Ella banged her head quite badly last week. But she was brave so we bought her a gift.  She chose the most kitsch toy possibe, words fail me.  Dad was gutted, £15 – and the batteries needed replacing immediately too.  But Ella loves this phone…Phoebe 


Ella wasnt the only one to get hurt. On Saturday Karen was at the hospital having an x-ray on her foot.  Two weeks earlier Phoebe had accidently shut the car door on her foot  and it was still painful.  Dad


Phoebe had her first visit to the dentist last week (26 August). My little sister can often be a cheeky monkey, but her behaviour was exemplary. Phoebe jumped in the chair and she loved seeing photos of her mouth on the screen.  She liked the dentist because he wore blue, and even opened her mouth before being asked!  Ella


I’ve been to the hairdressers a couple of time since the last update. This time I let Eve comb my hair.  We all have a lot of fun at the hairdressers.  Since the last blog I’ve been potty trained.  It was easy!  I held out for a few days so I could secure a Dollshouse – yes, Mum and Dad bought me a small wooden Dollshouse with a carry handle.  I think Ella likes it more than I do because its Pink, but I enjoy playing with it.  Phoebe


At the end of May we had a day trip to Abingdon.  We had a lovely day by the river and in the town.  I say town, the only shop of any note is Fat Face!  But there are some lovely pubs – we found a proper pub called The Old Anchor on the river.  Ella


It seems like an age since our Holiday in May. The hotel was nice, the weather was very good.  It was great having Nanny and Grandad with us to help look after us.  Ella and myself spent lots of time in the pool.  We also loved the evening entertainment.  Dad made a video, which we have watched hundreds of times since. We’ve added a photo album  opposite.  Phoebe


In May we decided to buy a new car.  Well we actually ordered a new mini countryman. Mum wanted a 4×4 so this looked like a pretty cool option.  After placing our order and paying our deposit, one month later they were still reluctant to let us have a brochure! So we drew a picture, weeks later they had “mock up car” for us to look at, but not drive!.  Anyways – they still couldn’t give us a delivery date, so we cancelled last week, Mum is getting a 1 series instead with lots of ‘pimp my ride’ options, possibly including:rear tyres with red dye that produce loads of red smoke when the wheels are spinning! (possibly that or satnav) Ella


Ella got her new bedroom furniture  in May.  So this meant that that Phoebe moved into a new room and started sleeping in a proper bed.  Given the problems we had when we first tried Phoebe in a bed, this was a complete success – Phoebe loves her bed!  Mum



What have we been listening to? Alvin and the Chipmunks, favourite songs include: Hot n Cold, Single Ladies, The Song.  And watching?  Alvin and the Chimpunks-The Squeakquel, Toy Story, Zingzillas.  (Parents have been listening to Scouting for Boys, Ellie Goudling and watching Madmen 1 & 2, True blood 2)



Coming Up

Ella starts school on Monday!!!  That’s the big news.  The other thing happening in September is the delivery of Mum’s new car. Phoebe




Don’t Stop Believing

13 May
This has to be the longest period we have left our blog without any updates.  Standards have clearly slipped.   In one week we are going on holiday so we will all make an effort to update the site when we get back.
It’s impossible to remember all the things we have been up to in the last three months, in no particular order:
  • Phoebe had a her 2nd birthday party. It was a small family affair.  She loved her George Cake which Mummy made.  We have already posted some pics (in the albums opposite)
  • In April Nanny and Grandad took us to see some new born lambs near Marlborough.  There weren’t any!  When Phoebe was told they were going to see the cute baby lambs she said “Lambs, eat it.” then when they arrived at the field and looked over the fence to see an empty field she added “Not there, pooing”.  Phoebe is talking so much more recently and we are starting to play together much better – but still squabble lots!
  • Mothers Day was good.  We bought Mummy a trendy white ceramic watch, and better still we bought her the Just Dance Wii game. She loved both presents.  Phoebe and I enjoy dancing with her – our favourite track is “Who let the dogs out?”, Mummy like the Ceasers “Jerk it out”, and Daddy really likes Katie Perry, so likes “Hot ‘n Cold”
  • We also had a lovely day at Cotswold Wildlife Park and a great day out at @Bristol.  And we went on a train for the first time when we spend a day in Bath.  Phoebe was like a cat climbing all the time but we loved our day out.
  • We tried my little sister in a bed.  It was a disaster.  She was back in the cot the same night.  Although she has progressed from “bag” to quilt, which she loves.
  • About three weeks back Daddy took me to the hair dressers.  But he also took Phoebe.   She loved it.  And what’s more, she was really well behaved.
  • We had a lovely weekend at Holly’s.  Auntie Sarah and Uncle Karl remembered to put some 50 pences in the meter so we had electricity this time!
  • A few weeks back when we had the hot weather we had a lovely afternoon with Baby Dylan and Amberlie at Lydiard Park We played hide ‘n seek, and Ross put me on his shoulders.  A little embarrasing – but when he lifted me off I may have parped on his head, whoops.
  • Phoebe fell and bashed her face on the bed a couple of Saturdays back.  She had a nasty cut on her cheek just below her eye.  Luckily Mummy had butterfly stitches at home so we quickly patched her up.
  • We have been to lots of Car garages recently.  We love jumping in and out of the cars.  We probably liked the Mini’s the most, which is good because Mummy is planning to get a new Countryman.
  • We went to Coate Water.  Fed the ducks and then Daddy took us on the miniature steam train.  … Phoebe didn’t want to go on it, but as soon as it started we all loved it.  The man was kind – he let Phoebe on for free.
  • Last Sunday we went to Megan’s 3rd Birthday party.   There was a bouncy castle which we all enjoyed. 
  • It’s Mummy and Daddy’s 6th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow – Phoebe and myself helped them open their cards today! We bought Dad a superb present – Duck and Penguin Ice Cubes.
  • I started StageCoach three weeks ago. I love it.  I get to wear a special t-shirt , black jazz shoes, take a snack in my backpack, and… sing and dance.  The song we are learning is and last week we pretended to be waitresess and customers in a restuarant.  Although I told Daddy they were teaching me how to make a shape like a banana!  In truth what I really like is that I get to go somewhere special and Phoebe doesn’t!  But Mummy and Daddy have told me thats not very pleasant.  Phoebe came with Daddy to pick me up last week and Phoebe was desperate to push the door open and join in, which was very sweet.
  • We are still really enjoying singing in the car: ‘Now 75′ is superb.  Our favourite songs are Alicia Keys – Empire State of My Mind.  And Glee – Don’t Stop Believin’


…a few more pics… just before I finish..



20 Feb
My little sister is growing up fast, next Friday she will be 2 years old.  Mum is making her a “George” cake – and has already sketched the cake template.  Phoebe is getting a play table with a train set.  I know because I helped Dad build it at lunchtime while Phoebe was having her nap.
Phoebe has learnt a lot more words recently.  If you ask her how old she will be she says “Two”, if you ask how old I am she says “Ella Four”.  Today she said “Mummy Forty-nine”. A little confused there.  Other things you can hear Phoebe say:
  • Ella bully!
  • And because I call her Dabbers, she sometimes calls herself Dabbers.  Including pointing at her playschool coat peg and saying “Phoebe Dabbers“.
  • Properly
  • Love you Mamma
  • Phoebe nappy off


My big sister told Mummy she wants an Owl.  She offered a word of caution “Actually it might poo.  It can poo in the toilet.”  Last weekend Peppa pig was in town (Wharf green!) so we all went to see her.  To quote Ella “she’s huge, she is massive”.  We were both a little scared. 

Ella got some good news last week, she was allocated a place at Lethbridge.  We have commissioned a professional  photographer to take a family portrait, check out some of his work here:

And finally, songs we are singing in the car include (some are old favourites)

  • Fight for this love (C Cole)
  • Meet me halfway (B.E.P.)
  • Sams Town (Killers)
  • So What (Pink)

Phoebe (aka Dabbers)


Christmas in pictures

3 Jan
Everyone in the Neal household has had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. The time has gone so quickly and we have done so much, in fact it’s hard to remember all the places we have been.  I am pleased to say that the whole family was well and didn’t suffer from illness like in previous years.
My big sister got a Disney Pix camera for Christmas so I’ve added an album of the pictures  she has taken at home, at Nanny and Grandads and also at Amberlie’s 1st Birthday party.
Dad has added a smaller  album from Christmas also.  Including my favourite of Mummy and Ella wearing Shaun the Sheep and Timmy masks – if you look carefully at the picture you will notice an interesting juxtaposition with two other jokers from 2009.
Yesterday we went ice skating for the first time.  Phoebe and myself both enjoyed it, but it was a bit harder than we expected.  So we hired a penguin to help us out.  Auntie Kelly joined us and helped push me along on the Penguin.  Daddy didnt really get any good photos but I have included a couple here…

Dirty George

16 Dec
At bath time today Mummy said that Phoebe’s George (her Peppa pig soft toy companion) was too dirty.  So, Mummy got spare George from the cupboard – a brand spanking new replica of George that Phoebe didn’t know she had bought from Amazon a few weeks back following “The Disaster” at Ikea (!27C6365A61B1A79B!790.entry). 
Anyway, she gave Phoebe spare George and Phoebe studied him closely.  “Why don’t you have this George and I’ll put dirty George in the washing machine?” asked Mummy.  Phoebe said “No-ch” and kept repeating “No-ch”.  Mummy tried to negotiate as she wasn’t sure what Phoebe was saying, “You have this nice clean George and I’ll wash your dirty one”.  “No-ch”, Phoebe repeated several more times.
After a while Mummy said “Are you saying no chance?”.  Phoebe burst out laughing.  Needless to say Phoebe took dirty George to bed and new George went back in the cupboard.

Oh sit down @Bristol

7 Dec
Yesterday, we went to Tilly’s and Jess’s party.  They had a bouncy castle which I really enjoyed, Ella liked it too.  My favourite thing was the Peppa pig table decorations.  After that we spent the afternoon at Nanny and Grandads.
With a recommendation from Mark we headed to this morning.  This was the second day that Mummy had been away – she is working in China so Dad is looking after us.  At Bristol is a science museum if you were too lazy to click the link  and has lots of things to play and do.  We tested and played with lots of different interactive exhibits.  Ella’s favourite thing was the airport area with a plane, air traffic control area and baggage area.  Both of us really enjoyed making patterns in the sand on the spinning discs.  We tried to do some of the Nick Park animations, but that was cut short when Ella jumped on the seat only to bash her cheek on the table top.  Luckily the bruising isn’t too bad, but it upset her for a little while.  Despite that set back, all in all, it was a wonderful day for the three of us.  It was so much fun we have added another photo album (opposite.)
After lunch at Tilly’s party we played games.  I was a bit tired but my little sister was keen to join in.  When it came to playing musical bumps Phoebe wasn’t too sure of the rules.  She sat down while the first piece of music was playing.  Then when the music stopped and all the children dropped to the ground, Phoebe looked around and stood up.  Everyone laughed and Phoebe was really quite pleased with herself.
Mummy has been away for two days now.  Phoebe is coping better that me, I was upset at bedtime because I am missing her. I am looking forward to Mummy coming home and to Christmas. 

Ella in Lights

4 Dec
Ella made it into the local paper!  Phoebe was climbing a tree at the time the photo was taken, for the full story and picture…

The Queen

29 Nov
It was Ella’s birthday at the start of the month.  She was four and got lots of lovely presents.  Mummy and Daddy gave her a balance bike, which she quickly learnt how to ride.  She also got a scooter with flashing lights.  Rather like the Queen Ella had two Birthdays – a party at home on 4th November and a party at Kidzabout on 8th November. (album opposite).
Since my last blog Dad has been to Australia.  I am only writing about this because he didn’t bring back any gifts and Mummy is off to China next week and I wouldn’t want her to make the same mistake. 
I haven’t been well. In fact I will be asleep as soon as the medicine kicks in.  I have a suspected perforated eardrum, which Mummy has diagnosed using the powers of the internet pixies. Doctors tomorrow.

Holiday Disaster

28 Nov

We had a lovely holiday in Can Picafort Majorca last September. It seems like a long time ago but we get to watch some of the special moments as Daddy made a video. Phoebe and myself have watched the video many times since.


I really liked a lady called Charlie who was an Entertainer. Phoebe and I enjoyed dancing and singing to the songs at the shows. We have the tracks on a CD to listen to in the car, our favourites include:


  • Mr Big Stuff.  Jean Knight
  • I Gotta Feeling.  Black Eyed Peas
  • Cartoon Heroes.  Aqua
  • Chocolate.  Soul Control
  • Other music we are listening to includes Lady Gaga and La Roux

We had a couple of holiday disasters. First Phoebe banged her head quiet badly at Bristol Airport, then when we landed there was a delay with our baggage and we managed to lose Phoebe’s comfort toy – the duck that Ella gave her when she was born.  Phoebe can’t sleep without it.  That was proved on the first couple of nights.  Luckily Nanny and Grandad had bought Phoebe ‘George’ (see pic below) which she quickly became very attached too. 


Weeks later when we were in Ikea Phoebe had taken George with her.  When we were in the kids section Phoebe asked “Where’s George?”.  She had lost him but luckily wasn’t screaming as she thought it was a game.  Mum and Dad were stressed.  We split in to two search parties, Mum on her own, and the three of us.  I said to Daddy “You lost the duck. Now you’ve lost George.  This is a disaster.”  Dad wasn’t very pleased and told me to shut up.  He can run but he cant hide from the truth. They searched for twenty minutes and got in a bit of a sweat as the shops were about to close and there wasn’t an opportunity to by a replacement George.  Luckily by then Geoge had been handed in so the day was saved.  Since then Mummy has bought a spare George.




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